Delphi and the Oracle of the Present

“As mortals we should behave as mortals.” – Euripides, Greek playwright Among the many surprises and conveniences about modern life, learning while staring history from a safe distance is one of them.  Mortality is a mordant gift.  It is man’s most excellent opportunity to learn and grow. We can experience history even in the abstract as a fresh … More Delphi and the Oracle of the Present

Unencumbered Budapest, a Memory Pursued

Janacek, the bus driver from Bohemia, wanted to understand the city the way his locale grew complexities and evolved from its past.  He underestimated Budapest.  He tried to stay away from the nerve of this city, Andrassy Avenue.   Instead, he brought us to the peripheries of this proud Hungarian city, the Queen of the Danube.   With insouciance,  he simply reconciled … More Unencumbered Budapest, a Memory Pursued

Woman with a Heart so White in Barcelona

  Sagrada Familia’s taciturn shadow casts a long and languid image of a black hair of a woman too nonchalant about the day.   It collects within itself Gaudi’s genius and lunacy of a vertical homage to God whose spires are too magnificent and bewildering to our distinctive thirst of artistic expression.  Inventive and striking beyond our … More Woman with a Heart so White in Barcelona