Running in Prague with Kafka in My Mind

  There are two ways of discovering the soul of a city.   The first option is to marvel its emblematic nocturnal lights and sound which also means tracing the illuminations and patterns of the skyline.  In here, the ubiquitous neon signs of commercialism and fetishism of the slim and languid bodies of the young are laid bare.  To rise-up early is the second option.  It entails wearing a … More Running in Prague with Kafka in My Mind

What betrayal means

The “Betrayers” by David Bezmozgis, a Jewish- Latvian-Canadian writer is definitely morally ambitious and is unflinching on looking at the face of the life choices we make. I do admire how the characters have been fully developed with Bezmozgis’ taciturn dialogue and haunting visitation of past sins.  Moreover, the book clearly reflects a thorough and … More What betrayal means

Black dogs

“Black Dogs” is the spectre  of our times – the pervading violence that grips our senses and the luminosity of our own parables which approaches our humanity and meditations.  Ian McEwan in this terse novel masterfully presents the tectonic movements of perspectives, from a firm acceptance of thoughtful presences to the ever shifting views of … More Black dogs