Cat’s Eyes of Istanbul

Gli opened my eyes to the city that straddles between the past and present struggle of two continents. … More Cat’s Eyes of Istanbul

Woman with a Heart so White in Barcelona

  Sagrada Familia’s taciturn shadow casts a long and languid image of a black hair of a woman too nonchalant about the day.   It collects within itself Gaudi’s genius and lunacy of a vertical homage to God whose spires are too magnificent and bewildering to our distinctive thirst of artistic expression.  Inventive and striking beyond our … More Woman with a Heart so White in Barcelona

Jordan’s Mt. Nebo and our Moseses

Mountains have their essence, their own distinct character and conscience.  They also serve as a geological totem on the history of myth-making and socio-cultural definition on the convergence of people. In my imagination they most often loom oppressively large, majestic and breathtaking.  This is congruent to my limited experience of climbing local mountains and the … More Jordan’s Mt. Nebo and our Moseses

Calvino watching

  It may not be the best route to discover and appreciate a truly imaginative writer like the Italian Italo Calvino, but all the same, my panoramic journey to “The Watcher and Other Stories” is my indictment to the beauty of his modern fables.  There may be other brilliant stories he had written that made … More Calvino watching

What Ishiguro saw

It took me more than a decade to revisit Kazuo Ishiguro after  devouring “The Remains of the Day” and “The Artist in the Floating World”.  The Nobel Committee whose citation for this newest laureate states that this writer “who with his novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of … More What Ishiguro saw